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Yavapai Back to School

Fast Facts: 2014 Update:  YSC will be opening the 2014-2015 soccer season with the Back to School Challenge.  It is a great event to kickoff your soccer season and get in games before league play.
Temperatures are 10 degrees below the Valley and it is a perfect time of year to be in Prescott Valley
Dates: 8/1/2014 to 8/3/2014
U12-19 Fees: 495
U9-10-11 Fees: 400
U7-8 Fees:
Payable to: AzSoccerEvents Bcak to School Challenge. 
AzSoccerEvents accepts VISA and Master Card. Be sure to use our ONLINE Payment feature for your convenience.
Age Brackets: BOYS & GIRLS: U-19, U-18, U-17*, U-16, U-15*, U-14, U-13*, U-12, U-11*, U-10, U-09, U8, U7. If you want to play up an age bracket you must clearly notate your application. *NOTE: These brackets will be created only if enough qualified teams enter. Otherwise your team will be placed in the next highest even age bracket. 
ADDITIONAL NOTE: All U11 games will be 8 v 8.
Games: 3 game minimum in all brackets. Championship and Third place games in competitive brackets only. ALL GAMES ARE REGULATION LENGTH. On Friday night a limited number of night games will be played by Phoenix teams only. Out of city teams requesting to play on Friday night must do so in writing with their application.
Loan Players: Up to five (5) loan players on teams in competitive brackets. NO LOAN PLAYERS for recreational brackets unless pre-approved. REMEMBER PER USCS AND USYS ALL PLAYERS ON THE SAME TEAM MUST PLAY ON PASSES FROM THE SAME NATIONAL ORGANIZATION. Teams are prohibited from mixing USYS and USCS passes for any tournament team.
Deadline: 2014-07-20
Credentials: All players must have 2013-2014 US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer or AYSO player passes, medical release forms. NO PASS OR PAPERWORK NO PLAY!
Awards: Individual player awards for First, Second, and Third Place. U-8/7 to receive participation medals.
Information: Contact: Tom McConkey at 623-695-3025
Rules: US Youth Soccer subject to specified modifications by US Youth Soccer/Arizona, and the Back to School Challenge. A copy of the rules is available on the web site and will be given to the coach at check-in.
Disclaimer: AzSoccerEvents, its sponsors and the tournament hosting organization will not be held responsible for any reason which may affect the tournament format. In the event of the tournament, event, or division cancellation due to acts of God, inclement weather or other reasons beyond the control of AzSoccerEvents, entry fees will be forfeited. Any team which drops out of the tournament after deadline will forfeit its entry fee. All teams will check-in one hour prior to their first game at tournament headquarters.
Address: AzSoccerEvents Back to School 2374 N 159th Drive, Goodyear AZ5395
Schedules: Schedules will be on line at seven days before the start of the tournament. NO SCHEDULES WILL BE MAILED. CHECK IN INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED ON THE WEB SITE AS WELL. ALL SCHEDULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, UP TO THE START OF THE TOURNAMENT. If a change affects your first game you will be notified.
Fields: CLICK BELOW for Link to Fields: Mountain Valley Park, Viewpoint Park, Antelope Park, Quailwood Park, Prongorn Park, Chino Valley community Center